Things To Do on the Isle Of Wight

The Isle of Wight attracts thousands of visitors every year. The intriguing history of the place can be easily explored at Osborne House, Carisbrooke, and many other sites on the Island. There is a unique and secluded environment and one runs out of time before they can explore everything in this extravagant piece of land. The oldest theme park and family attraction in the world, Blackgang Chine, opened on the Island about 150 years ago.

With that compelling introduction, let’s explore some activities to do on the Isle of Wight.


For those looking for retail therapy, there are several shopping opportunities on the island. Due to the Isle of Wight’s artistic heritage, there are many outlets selling wood carvings, sculptured glass, and handcrafted jewelry. There are also delicious locally produced dishes and drinks with extravagant restaurants and farm shops.


Attractions and unique places are in abundance on the beautiful island and there’s something for everyone. Visit one of the galleries and museums and magnificent historic sites to delve into the Island’s culture and history. The Needles Lighthouse is the most recognizable landmark of the island and the nearby Needles Park has many things for the entertainment of families. If you wish to go wild, Tapnell Farm Park is perfect.

Enjoy a fantastic ride on the steam railway at the Robin Hill Country Park or visit one of the animal attractions in the Island for a fun outing.


Families generally flock to Shanklin, Sandown, Ventnor, or Appley to enjoy spectacular views of the beach. However, if you are looking for some seclusion and peace, avoid these beaches as they are mostly crowded with tourists. Instead, head to Brook Chine, Compton Bay, Dunroamin Beach, Steephill Cover, Whale Chine, Yaverland, or Totland Bay. These beaches can provide you with the need for seclusion and peace.

Outdoor Activities

The Isle of Wight provides several opportunities to those who love outdoor activities. The warm climate and stunning coastline is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Cycling and horse-riding is available freely for those who are less-adventurous type. There are also several golf courses on the island; some of them stand apart with picturesque backdrops. There are also beautiful parks with ponds where you can feed the ducks.

Adventures Activities

The Isle of Wight doesn’t disappoint those who are looking for more extreme activities. Climbing, sliding, and paragliding are all available with detailed guides. If you don’t want to try the activities yourself, watch the pros do it in top-class competitions and events. For those who love fishing, there are several opportunities with both sea fishing and freshwater fishing available across many locations in the Isle of Wight.

Explore the Sea

The Island’s beautiful coastline is best seen from offshore. So, become witness to the Island’s beauty by sailing across the clear water. You can also enjoy magnificent views from the hovercraft and ferry services of the island.

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