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Rishikesh Air Safari
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  • From : Rishikesh
  • Destination: Uttarakhand
  • Duration : 0 Night 1 Day

Price Starting from : Rs. 4948.9 4499

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Tired of flying in a plane!!! Here is an opportunity for you to fly high in the Shivalik ranges of Uttarakhand. A pack of qualified aviators will take you on a breathtaking flight which will give you a bird eye view of ancient cities, rivers, and forest in Uttarakhand.


Area: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
Duration: 10 minutes to 70 minutes
Season: January - Mid July and Mid September - December


1. Kitty Hawk                                   Duration 10-12 mins          

2. Explorer                                       Duration 18-22 mins 

3. Valley Expeditions                       Duration 25-30 mins 

4. Rishikesh Expeditions                  Duration 60-70 mins 


How to Reach

By Road

Air Safari Airport is 12 km from Dehradun Airport in Uttarakhand, around 27 km from Dehradun Railway station and around 29 km from Haridwar railway station. 

Do's and Dont's


• Do not consume alcohol before the start and during air safari.
• Do not litter the area during your stay there.


Services Provided:

1. Aviator and flying machine for the air safari. 

2. Airport charges and other fees/taxes.


Navneet Kapoor

Mr Kapoor is a pilot by profession and he and his colleagues have taken on the challenge of transforming the the face of Aerosports and Adventure to a new level. They are a bunch of highly skilled aviators who will pilot a fellt of light sport aircrafts based on a preset itinerary which is set against a scenic background. They are governemnt recognised certified commercial pilots and they have the required experience and expertise in carrying out these activities.

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