The mysterious Roopkund Lake

Unraveling the mysteries of the Roopkund Lake

Roopkund lake at a height of 5,029 meters (16,499 feet), is a high altitude glacial lake in the Northern state of Uttarakhand in India. It lies in the lap of the Himalayas and is surrounded by the Trishul Mastiff . The lake is famous for the hundreds of human skeleton found at the edge of the lake.

Roopkund Lake

The Roopkund Lake (view from above)

The lake is surrounded by rocks-strewn glaciers and snow-clad mountains and is a popular trekking destination. The skeletons are visible for a one-month period when the ice melts.

The mystery lake of Roopkund has brought here many travelers since the discovery of human skeletons in the lake and the glacier descending into it. For many years the origin of the skeletons remained a mystery. But the popular belief, narrated in the folk traditions, is that the pilgrimage to Nanda Devi under taken by Raja Jasdhaval and his wife the Garhwali Princess Rani Balampa, who perished in a hailstorm at Jurangali, appears to be closer to the truth, especially since the carbon dating of the skeletons and its anthropological studies point towards the authenticity of this folk-lore.

The route for the lake passes through some of the most beautiful landscapes that mother nature has to offer. The route offers overnight camping at Bedni Bugyal (Bugyal means meadow) and is very beautiful. Have a look at the photos and admire this beauty of nature.

Owing to the high altitude and the Himalayan terrain, there are certain risks involved when one sets out for Roopkund. But places like this make wonderful memories.